Jewish Refugees from Arab countries

In order to preserve the historical record and document the material losses, all former Jewish refugees or family members are urged to fill out the Jewish Refugees from Arab Countries (JRAC)
Testimonial Claim Form.

Project Statement

As part of an international effort, in association with major Jewish communal organizations, the American Sephardi Federation has launched a campaign to collect testimonials from Jews displaced from Arab countries and wanting to visite Vatican.



On the State of Being (Jewish) between “Orient” and “Occident” by Edith Haddad Shaked

The Case Of The Jews From Arab Countries: A Neglected Issue: by Maurice M. Roumani

Jewish Population in Arab Countries 1948-2001

Jewish Refugees of Arab Countries--Resources by R. Belinfante



Below is a list of the materials that may be found in the American Sephardi Federation Library on the topic of Jews of Arab countries. Come in to check out the details or contact the Library.


“The Other Refugees.” Ad, NY Times, Jan. 30, 2001. The American Jewish Committee.

Fact Statement from the International Committee of Jews from Arab Lands – with comparative estimates compiled by George E. Gruen and revised December 9. 1997

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“Sephardic Jews seek to tell their stories” Article from “The Jewish Week” dated 4/6/01

Jews expelled from Arab countries left behind $30b. in assets. - dated 1/3/01 Article from: The Jerusalem Post”

Sephardim gauge financial losses during exodus from Arab countries Article : by Daniel Kurtzman Image: Middle East and JTA Daily News Bulletin, Jan. 21, 1999.

Atherton: Refugees from Arab lands deserve recompense” by Wolf Blitzer – dated 9/6/77 Article from “The Jerusalem Post”

“Private Property Keep Out” The Jerusalem Post: article: by Peter Hirschberg dated September 27, 1999

Pogroms in Arab Countries dated February 18, 01 Fax to Vivian Roumani:Article in Ha’aretz Gallery

The Truth About the Arab Refugees From “Le Judaisme Sephardi” text of a a speech by Abba Eban before the United Nations in November 1955.

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Release:starting with “As the Clinton Administration departs…” subject: Jewish displacements from Arab countries” no date.

From National Unity Coalition for Israel - Article on: Explaining Islam – Human Rights in Muslim Understanding by Dr. Christine Schirrmacher:

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Copy of an article that appeared in the “New York Times : Subject: “Some Charities Suspected of Terrorist Role” dated FEBRUARY 19, 2000

Various communications from the Consulate General of Israel in NY Year 2000
Under the heading: “ For your Information”:
PM Barak: Israel will exhaust every chance of peace with Palestinians dated November 6, 2000
FM Ben-Ami: Israel continues to transfer humanitarian aid to Pa (Communicated by the Foreign Ministry spokesman) dated October 15, 2000
Ministry of Tourism Press Release (Communicated by Tourism Ministry Spokesman) dated October 10, 2000
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“Payback Time,” by Uri David. Book review of Locked Doors: The Seizure of Jewish Property in Arab Countries by Itamar Levin, Ha’aretz, 9.14.01.

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“Lost Prophecy: the Story of Egyptian Jews.” In v.2, No.1, above.

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LABOR ZIONIST ALLIANCE: Newsletter from Ari M. Chester to Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations with copy to Select Jewish and Humanitarian organizations.Subject: Ethiopian Jewry/ Forthcoming Conference of Presidents Mission in Jerusalem dated February 5, 2002

LABOR ZIONIST ALLIANCE : “The Falash Mura:Bring them home” by Jeffry V. Mallow, President dated January 22, 2002

The Knesset Decisions of the Committee for Immigration, Absorption and the Diaspora Re; Immigration of Ethiopian Jews, dated November 5, 2001

Struggle to save Ethiopian Jewry (SSEJ) Re New Survey shows Jews in Ethiopia suffering malnutrition, wasting and other serious problems as they await Aliyah dated November 7 , 2000.
Struggle to save Ethiopian Jewry (SSEJ) Re: A year after first reported, just released surveysdetails Ethiopian jews still suffering stunting, under-weight, malnutrition and heightened risk of dying

Report on the Felas Mora in Ethiopia by Chaim Motzen 1998-99

France ( Restitution)
“Commission for the Compensation of Victims of Spoliation Resulting from the Anti-Semitic Legislation in Force during the Occupation”brochure published by the French Republic.sent to ASF by French Consul Jean-Raphael Peytregnet on October 15, 2001

Trial of Iranian Jews:
1) “Briefing: The Detention and Trial of 13 Iranian Jews.” Article, The American Jewish Committee, 2000, 7 pp.
2) Prayer Vigil notice, NY Times, May 23, 2000.
3) Prayer Vigil flyer.
4) “Justice for the Iranian Jews.” Congressman Edolphus Towns. News release.
5) “Ensuring Justice for the Iranian Jews.” Letter from Congressmen Towns, Owens, Lewis, April 12, 2000

Arrest of Jews in Iran dated June 8, 99 Released by the Consulate General of Israel “For your information”
Jews: A tolerated Minority in Iran dated June 9, 99 Released by the Consulate General of Israel “For your Information”
IDF Intelligence: Iran and Iraq helping Palestinians by Nina Gilbert – dated January 31, 2001
Justice for the Iranian Jews Article by Congressman Edolphus Towns
Ensuring Justice for the Iranian Jews (Congress of the United States) dated April 12, 2000
What do a Rabbi, a School Teacher, a Shopkeeper, and a Teenage Boy have in common? Article published in the New York Times May 23, 2000
13 Innocent Jews are on trial in Iran, The instructions to our community are very clear. (Prayer Vigil for the “Iran 13” May 24)
Iran: Life of Jews living in Iran – Iran remains home to Jewish enclave by Barbara Demick dated December 21, 2000

Waiting for the Noose Article written by A.M. Rosenthal in the NY Times (no date)

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Letters by Robert Y Shasha Introducing his book “Babylon Memory Project” dated August 8, 2001
Journal of Babylonian Jewry “ A Happy New Year 5759 to all our readers and friends”dated October 1998
Arab Jews E-mail correspondance sent by Mazol Ustaev dated May 25, 2001
Justice for all Article written by Melissa Radler in the Jerusalem Post Magazine dated February 16, 2001
In the Trenches, Selected Speeches and Writings of an American Jewish Activist by David A. Harris: Israel, Unlike Iraq fought to protect itself –Chicago Sun Times Aug. 27 1990
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Meeting Announcement addressed to Vivienne Roumani (7/20/2000) re: Oral History Project on Jews of Lybia, from: Dawn Cunningham & Marco Jacquemet

Article on 218 North African Jews (referred to as ‘Bengasis’) sent from Bergen Belsen to Biberach after liberation by the British at end of September 1944. (German)

Inquiry by an Italian student whose grandmother was Jewish and Lybian, regarding his Jewish/Lybian origins

Article on the Jews of Lybia by the Director of Research Studies on the Jews of Lybia
In “Alon Mercaz ‘Or Shalom’ L’ Kehilat Yehudei Luv”( Heb.) June 2000

Illustrated brochure on “THE JEWS OF LYBIA” published in Israel by “The World Organization of Lybian Jews” 4/26/98. (Heb.)

50th Anniversary celebration announcement by the World Organization of Emigrants from Lybia to take place at Ben Gurion University (University of the Negev) on April 15 1999 (Heb.)

Illustrated Brochure (40p.) on the “Jubilee of the Great Aliyah from Lybia” (Heb.)
April 1999. (2 copies)

Note suggesting that all Jews born in Lybia before Kaddafi Revolution “join together” on the Internet.

Note from Syracuse N.Y. resident, born in Benghazi, asking to subscribe to “the newsletter”.(?)

Correspondence (2 letters) one from Paris and one from N.J seeking assistance with collecting artifacts from Lybia

Poem entitled “where is my home???”

Poem entitled SULTANA

Brochure entitled MEMORIA E STORIA (Ital) by David Meghnagi, published in Florence 1994.

Memo from Vivienne Roumani seeking contributions to the WEB site “The Last Jews of Lybia”

Hadassah Magazine (4/2001) highlighting “Festival Time in Djerba” with cover picture of the Djerba Synagogue

Letter (Eng) and poem (Ital) by Gina Waldman on “The Roots of Terrorism”

Letter from Stefano Tironi to Vivienne Roumani RE: Lybian Jewish Community

Website reproductions of Lybian Jews

Letter to Shalom Naim (W. Orange, N.J.) from COMMITATO ASSISTENZA EBREI DELLA LIBIA (Ital.)

Letter from Shalom Naim to Elan Steinberg (WJC) re .restitution for Jewish Community of Libya

Letter from Lillo Naim re: International Commission for Claims of Jews from Lybia, Inc.
Dated 10/7/1988

18 page document on status of Lybian Jews vis-avis Italian Government (TRANSLATION FROM S. Habib Esq
Photo-copy of business card of Shalom Tesciuba, President of COMITATO EBREI DI LIBIA, Rome, Italy

Materials, including photos, on slides of Jews of Lybia

Color picture post-cards of Tripoli, etc.

: Once upon a Time in Lybia “In the Trenches” Selected Speeches and writings of an American Jewish activist 1979-1999 By David A. Harris Titles of Chapters - Moment May 1987

Israel’s Door is mostly open – St. Louis Post-Dispatch August 1 1987
Jewish Exodus from Arab lands – The Wall Street Journal January 12, 89

Holocaust: The Libyan Chapter, Unwritten History By Joan Borsten

Articles under the title: NO LONGER HOME : For Israelis who fled Arab land…..
Evacuated for Days turned into years
TIMELY TOPICS Article from “Congress Weekly” A Review of Jewish Interests dated 1/10/55
In The Trenches Selected Speeches and Writings of an American Jewish Activist 1979-1999 by David A Harris: For Jews in Arab Countries,Morocco is the exception- The
Washington Post , Feb,20, 88
E-mail:from Pauline Brody to Vivian Romani Denn: Re: Jewish Heritage in Fez, dated 8/8/01
Politics-Israel: Moroccan Jews Expected to shift Sides Article published in the World news dated May 24, 01
Moroccan King cancels delegation’s visit – Article published in the Jerulem Post dated May 24, 01

“No Longer Home,” article.

“Playing War,” by Michael Finkel, The NY Times Mag., 12/24/00. On Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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“The Endless Claim: Yasser Arafat’s choice: Gain statehood, or fight for what cannot be” by Fouad Ajami, in US News & World Report 1/8/01.


“A Chronological Summary of the History of the Jews of Tunisia,” by Valerie Kashgari (handwritten, 2pp.)

United Kingdom
Article from “The Jerusalem Post” sent by Y. Barsky – subject:” Declassified documents show how UK gave in to terrorists” by Douglas Davis dated January 2, 2001


Arab Lobby v. Israel Lobby:Who’ll Win by David A. Harris, Jerusalem Report dated May 21, 2001
Resist Establishment of Palestinian State The Jewish Post December 2000
The Battle to stop the Bombers The Jerusalem Report dated April 9 2001
Letters to the editor The Jerusalem Post – September 7,
Why do they hate us 2001? Article by Fareed Zakaria December 2001
A Record of Bias National Public Radio’s Coverage of the Arab-Israeli conflict September 26 – November 26 2000

“What would it be like if the Israelis and the Palestinians signed an interim peace agreement now?” Letter rom Elmer Winter, 5/1/01.


Los Judios de los paises arabes by Martin Gilbert
Who is a Refugee in the Middle East from the Rostrum of the UN WOJAC
Les Juifs en Israel vus par les theologiens arabes 4eme Conference de l’Academie des Recherches Islamiques 1971
WOJAC’s Voice, The journal on Jews from Arab Countries January 1979
The Forgotten Million – Arab Jewry- Heritage and aspiration WOJAC 1987
Four years of PLO Violations by Morton A. Klein Zionist Organization of America September 13, 93 – Sept. 13, 97
The Gallows of Baghdad by Abraham Rattner New School Art Center - February/March 1970


What are the Facts?

At the end of world war II, there were more than 870,000 Jews living in the Middle-East and North Africa.
By 1958, 97% of all Jews in Arab countries had emigrated due to hostile political, social and economic climates. In virtually all cases, as Jews left, individual and communal properties were confiscated without compensation provided to the rightful owners.

As part of an International effort, in association with major Jewish communal organizations, the American Sephardi Federation is launching a campaign to collect testimonials from Jews displaced from Arab countries in order to preserve the historical record and document the material losses, all former Jewish refugees or family members are urged to fill out the Jewish Refugees from Arab Countries (JRAC) Claims Forms that are available below.
The American Sephardi Federation will:

Reach out, mobilize and assist claimants in the completion of the JRAC Claims Forms.

Contact and preserve claims to document the extent of dislocation and underscore the legitimacy of restitution for losses.

Develop an information database on the material losses and personal histories of Jews displaced from Arab countries

Raise public awareness and educate public opinion.

Time is of the essence !

With the passage of time, crucial evidence and
eyewitness testimonies are being lost forever.

Jewish Refugees from Arab Countries Media and Press

Forgotten refugees: Jews expelled from Arab
countries seek recognition, compensation
Anna Jaffe, Contributing Writer - KC Jewish Chronicle

Painful Memories

Eric Greenberg, Jewish Week

June 27, 2003

Jews expelled from Arab countries accuse Arab regimes of ethnic cleansing

Jenny Hazan and Greer Fay Cashman, Jerusalem Post

June 25, 2003

With report, group highlights flight of Jewish refugees from Arab World ¨

Rachel Pomerance, JTA

June 24, 2003

Jews forced from homes after 1947

Steven Edwards, National Post (Canada)

June 24, 2003

Jews from Arab Lands Claim Material Losses ¨

Rachael Freedman, B’nai B’rith ijm Magazine

Summer 2003

Diaspora Gives Stage to Arab Jews
Charlotte Halle, Ha’aretz Daily

May 23, 2003

Iraqi Jews Seeking Claims ¨

Stewart Ain, Jewish Week

May 23, 2003

The Other Mideast Refugees ¨
Gary Rosenblatt, Jewish Week

May 23, 2003

WJC to Publicize Jewish Exodus from Arab Countries

Greer Fay Cashman, Jerusalem Post

May 21, 2003

WJC Lobbying US Legislation for Compensating Jews from Arab Countries

Itamar Levin, Globes Online

May 21, 2003

The Right of Return – Of Property
Itamar Levin, Globes Online

May 20, 2003

Jews of Arab Countries: Loss of Ancestral Inheritance ¨

San Francisco Radio Program, KQED (NPR) Forum, hosted Michael Krasny

May 19, 2003

Iraqi-Jewish expats to seek compensation for lost assets
Shlomo Shamir, Ha’aretz

May 16th, 2003

Baghdad dreams ¨

Lauren Gelfond, Jerusalem Post
May 15th, 2003

Baghdad Jews Hold On to their Roots Despite Upheaval

Matthew Gutman, Jerusalem Post

May 14, 2003

Groups Aim to Include Reparations for Jews from Arab Lands in Peace Talks ¨

Helen Teitelbaum, New Jersey Jewish News

May 13, 2003

Iraq’s Oldest Jew Provides Lens Onto a World of Loss and Loneliness

Matthew Gutman, Jerusalem Post

May 13, 2003

New Fear for Iraq Jews

Matthew McAllester, Newsday

May 9, 2003

A Restitution Solution in the Mideast

Michael R. Fischbach, Los Angeles Times

May 5, 2003

They Survived Fifty Years of Persecution. Now Baghdad’s Last Jews Have Some Hope

Andrew Buncombe, The Independent

April 18, 2003

The Exodus of Two Eras

Joseph Abdel Wahed, Jewish Week

April 18, 2003

The Terror Behind Iraq's Jewish Exodus
Julia Magnet, Telegraph
April 16, 2003

Stateside: News from Jewish America: Jews from Arab Lands on the Hill

Melissa Radler, Jerusalem Post

April 11, 2003

Forgotten Exodus: Conference Highlights Jewish Refugees from Arab States

Susan Mandell, Washington Jewish Weekly

April 10, 2003

Jewish Life, Cablevision Programming ¨
TV program: Stewart Ain, Vivienne Roumani-Denn, Maurice Shohet & Dr. Moshe Labi

April 4, 2003

Muffled Voices ¨
Erika Kinetz, New York Times

March 23, 2003

Letter from a Forgotten Jew
David Harris, American Jewish Committee

March 4, 2003

Iraq home to glorious Jewish past but to a lonely and fragile present
Rachel Pomerance, JTA

February 9, 2003

Art Shows Arabs, Jews Reaching Out

Janet Saidi, Los Angeles Times

February 2, 2003

Jewish Refugees from Arab Countries: The Forgotten Refugees

Morris Cohen & Joseph Abdel Wahed, The Standford Daily

January 28, 2003

Refugees Forever? A Special Report
David Radler, Jerusalem Post

January 21, 2003

Jews from Arab Lands: The Forgotten Exodus
Avi Beker and Keith Landy, Vancouver Sun

January 20, 2003

Iraq Should Make Restitution

Joseph Frank, WorldNet Daily

January 13, 2003

Talk of War Rekindles Iraqi Jews’ Old Feelings

Peter Hermann, The Sun

December 29, 2002

The Forgotten Refugees

David Littman, National Review

December 6, 2002

The Forgotten Refugees: Jews from Arab Lands

Ada Aharoni & Alain Albagli, Forward

November 29, 2002

Conference on Jews from Arab Lands Held in Montreal ¨

Arutz Sheva/

November 26, 2002

Insurance Firm Agrees to Review Claims of Jews from Arab States

Yair Sheleg, Ha’aretz

November 22, 2002

Recalling Forgotten Mideast Jews Seen as Path to Peace Reconciliation

Aaron Derfel, The Gazette (Montreal)

November 18, 2002

Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations: Justice for Jews from Arab Countries ¨

The New York Times (Page 11 full-page ad)

November 18, 2002

WJC Promoting Jewish Rights in Canada and Hungary

Melissa Radler, Jerusalem Post Internet

November 17, 2002

Israel to begin registering property claims Jews from Arab Countries

Itamar Levin, Globes Online
October 2, 2002

New Coalition seeks compensation for Jewish refugees from Arab world ¨
Rachel Pomerance, JTA

September 30, 2002

Efforts Building for Arab Refugees ¨

Eric J. Greenberg, The Jewish Week

September 27, 2002

ASF Works with Israeli Government to Document the Losses of Jewish Refugees ¨
Sarina Roffe, Image

August 2002

Israel to Register Assets of Jews from Muslim Lands ¨
Sephardi Bulletin (London)

July/August 2002

Insurance firm agrees to review claims of Jews from Arab States
Yair Sheleg, Ha’aretz

June 18, 2002

Pursuing Refugees’ Paper Trail ¨

Eric J. Greenberg, The Jewish Week

May 17, 2002

Israel Tallies Jews from Arab Lands

Nacha Cattan, Forward

May 17, 2002

Israel Gathering Refugee Data

The Jewish Press Magazine

May 17, 2002

Campaign to record claims of Jewish refugees from Muslim lands ¨

Melissa Radler, Jerusalem Post

May 11, 2002

Justice for All ¨

Melissa Radler, Jerusalem Post

February 15, 2001


Honorary Chairmen
Irwin Cotler


Shlomo Hillel

Richard Holbrooke

Leon Levy USA
Lord Weidenfeld UK

c/o 21 Dale Dr.,

West Orange NJ 07052

Tel: (973) 669 - 9788

Fax: (973) 669 - 9789


There exists a moral imperative to ensure that justice for Jews from Arab countries assumes its rightful place on the international political and judicial agenda and that their rights be secured as a matter of law and equity.


Justice for Jews from Arab Countries is being created with the following objectives:

i) To chronicle the experience and document the legitimate claims of Jews displaced from Arab countries.

ii) To educate public opinion on the causes and plight of Jews who were displaced from Arab countries; and

ii) To advocate for, and secure rights and redress, for
Jews from Arab countries who suffered as a result of
the 1948 Arab-Israeli conflict.


· Resolution 242, adopted by the United Nations in 1967, calls for "a just settlement of the refugee problem." The Resolution makes no distinction between Arab refugees and former Jewish refugees from Arab countries.
· The Camp David Accords and the Egyptian-Israeli Peace Treaty provide that "the parties agree to establish a Claims Committee for the mutual settlement of all final claims." President Carter stated in a press conference on Oct. 27, 1977 that "Palestinians have rights... obviously there are Jewish refugees... they have the same rights as others do."
· In 1991, the Madrid Peace Conference established a Multilateral Working Group whose mandate was to ensure the status and rights of "all persons displaced as a result of the 1948 Arab-Israeli conflict".
· The rights of Jews displaced from Arab lands was discussed at 'Camp
David II' in July, 2000 following which President Clinton spoke of "…Jewish people, who lived in predominantly in Arab countries who came to Israel because they were made refugees in their own land".

Justice for Jews from Arab Countries is being established in the United States under the auspices of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations, the World Jewish Congress and the American Sephardi Federation. Organizations participating in this initiative include the Anti Defamation League, the American Jewish Committee, the American Jewish Congress and the Center for Middle East Peace & Economic Cooperation.

Affiliates of Justice for Jews from Arab Countries are currently being established, and activities will be undertaken, in Canada, Europe and South America.

Honorary Chairmen of Justice for Jews from Arab Countries include:

Irwin Cotler Member of Parliament Canada
Shlomo Hillel Former Speaker of the Knesset Israel
Richard Holbrooke Former U.S. Amb. to the U.N USA
Leon Levy American Sephardi Federation USA
Lord Weidenfeld House of Lords UK


A coordinated, international effort to secure rights and redress for Jews displaced from Arab countries must include the following program objectives:

1) To complete the compilation of records in order to preserve the historical narrative as well as to document the claims for physical and material losses suffered by Jews displaced from Arab countries.

Immediate and significant efforts must be made to obtain affidavits and, where possible, documentation to support the legitimate claims of individual and communal losses.

2) To document the legal bases, in international law and jurisprudence, for potential claims to rights and redress for the loss of individual and communal property.

In order to secure justice for Jews Arab lands as a matter of law and equity, appropriate legal briefs will be prepared by qualified experts on relevant international law and jurisprudence, documenting the legal rights of former Jewish refugees from Arab lands.

3) To encourage relevant governments and international bodies, in any and all Middle East peace process discussions, and pursuant to principles of international law and equity, to support the legitimate call for rights and redress for Jews displaced from Arab countries.

The support of a number of specific governments is seminal to this initiative, including the US, Canada, Britain and France. When and where necessary, the relevant Jewish communal organization(s) will make the appropriate representations.

4) To mobilize Jewish communal support and action in support of the rights of Jews from Arab countries.

The involvement of Jewish leadership and representative communal organizations will be recruited to: assist in soliciting affidavits; generate political support from their governments; and undertake conferences and public advocacy functions in their respective countries.

5) To undertake a public education and information campaign in support of the international efforts to secure rights and redress for Jews displaced from Arab lands.

The story of the legitimate claims of Jews displaced from Arab lands must be publicly advocated, targeting both elites and the public at large, through a variety of means (e.g. media, documentary film(s), public conferences and lectures, publications, etc.)


Stanley A. Urman
Justice for Jews from Arab Countries
c/o 21 Dale Dr.,
West Orange NJ 07052
Tel: (973) 669 - 9788
Fax: (973) 669 - 9789
Email: :
Dr. Avi Beker, Secretary General
World Jewish Congress
501 Madison Avenue, 17th floor
New York, NY 10022
Tel: 212-755-5770
Fax: 212-755-5883
Email: or

Vivienne Roumani-Denn
National Executive Director
American Sephardi Federation
15 West 16th Street
New York, NY 10011
Fax: 212-294-8348
Tel: 212-294-8350

Jesse Mintz-Roth

JRAC International Coordinator

American Sephardi Federation

Tel: 212-294-8350

Fax: 212-294-8348


Malcolm Hoenlein, Executive Vice Chairman
Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations
633 Third Avenue, 21st Floor
New York, NY 10017
Tel: 212-318-6111
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American Sephardi Federation

Jewish Refugees from Arab Countries Project


The following national organizations have agreed to participate in the campaign to collect testimonials and educate the pubic on the plight of former
Jewish Refugees from Arab Countries:

Association of Jewish Family & Children’s Agencies
B’nai B’rith International
Board of Jewish Education of Greater New York
Jewish Community Centers Association
Jewish Council for Public Affairs
National Council of Young Israel
Orthodox Union
Rabbinical Assembly
Rabbinical Council of America
Union of American Hebrew Congregations
United Jewish Communities
United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism

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